Yokingur basic website is primarily comprised of graphics and content. All having a website that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye is a great thing, it is even more important to have a website with robust content. Like the cliché goes “Website Content is King”. Believe me it really is. Writing content can be a very difficult task because you most often are going to be writing the content yourself. Who knows your business better than you do? Here are a few insights as to why content really can make a difference.


Bottom line search engine results are totally content driven. If you have the best most amazing pictures on your website this won’t convince Google that you’re the best unless you say it with words. Search engines are content driven and when they crawl your page, they are reading your text – looking for quality, looking for links to other relevant articles. Search engines are hungry for information that is relevant. This is why keywords are extremely important. Having content, lots of it, and making sure it’s packed with relevance. Search engines look for keywords, key phrases, titles and descriptions to rankings in search results.  Content writing takes these factors into consideration. Information is key to getting you the organic rank you want and driving traffic to your website.


Write your content so that your prospects/clients/visitors will find it helpful and useful. If you are writing an “About Page” – do just that, write ABOUT your business. Tell a story about the history of how and why you got started.  Include images to break up large blocks of text.  Remember that your REAL target is a human being, not a search engine – so it you provide information that is both helpful and relevant will keep visitors from leaving your site. Be a real person, write like a real person and write for people. The worse thing you can do is saturate your site with words that no can fully understand.


Before you write one piece of content know exactly what your target audience wants. Provide enough explanation of your products and services to generate interest and compel your audience to take action. If you have a cleaning business then you should have your business hours, what areas you clean or do not clean, whether you or insured or not, what supplied are supplied – these all make sense for a cleaning business. It does not make sense to have a staff directory and bios about every employee – that would make more sense for a financial institution or school.  The point is to really consider what content is necessary. What does your audience care about? Write about those things.


Putting your word descriptions of your pictures would get rankings on the search engines, rather than the pictures themselves. Skillful content writing adds value to the visuals on your site. For example, a walk through of your factory would be more effective with captions that describe the processes being shown.


Make sure that you show your audience that your business is growing and share interesting content so you can position your business as subject matter experts who are in the know. Outdated news on the main page of your site shows that you’re not prioritizing your content.


Content does not always have to be words.   Content can also be things like a video blog which you can post on your website.   It can be a podcast that your clients, customers or clients can download. Lastly you can include a white paper for your prospects to download.  When search engines see multiple links to sources it is created more organic reach which, search engines that your content clearly has created value and it is very relevant.


Not every marketer is a good writer and not every marketing department is adequately staffed to churn out important content on a frequent basis. Writing copy that precisely conveys your message is easier when a professional writer is involved. Hire a web copywriter who understands your goals and can develop and post scads of valuable content while you spend time on other marketing pursuits.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at


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