Are You Even LIKEABLE on FACEBOOK (7 ways to get LIKEABLE)



So many people set up a Facebook Business page and think that just because they have this page it is going to help them grow their business.  In order for your Facebook Page to be LIKEABLE you have to put in work, you have to nurture it.  There is plenty to do in order to be really LIKEABLE.

The first thing you need to know about becoming LIKEABLE is that it’s not just about the quantity of Facebook likes that you collect, it’s also about the quality; attracting Facebook likes from a group targeted to suit your business goals whose comments (and endorsement!) can increase your shares on Facebook.

Below are seven quick and easy tips to drive targeted Facebook likes to your business page.

1.  Completely set up your Facebook Business Page Profile

I have visited countless Facebook Business Pages Page that are half completed or doesn’t give me enough information about the business to give me a level of comfort in doing businesses with that company.  Since your Facebook Page is something that may be seen by the masses it would befit you to make sure that you give them something to see, feel and experience. Give visitors a reason to even like you! Create a catchy description and make sure you categorize your page correctly.  Make sure that your page has your address (if applicable), phone number, contact information and hours of operation.   This will help visitors to know about your business and it will also tell Facebook what kind of organization you are you so they know to show your page when users are searching for companies like yours – which can help to increase your Facebook likes.

  1. Ask Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Business Page

Most of your friends, if asked would support your Facebook Page.  When you first create your page you are asked to build your page by inviting your Facebook friends.  Send them out the request to like your page.   You have nothing to lose either they will like it or not.  These initial likes will give you a higher social media credibility and visibility. Use this credibility and visibly to let your customers and prospects.  Share your page on other social communities. If people don’t know your Facebook page exists, they can’t like it.

3.  Utilize Social Plugins on Your Website

You want visitors to be able to find your Facebook page readily and easily and plugins can help to drive them to your page. One such plug in that is a great tool is Facebook’s Social Plugins, for example the Like box plugin.  You can use this plugins to help you more Facebook likes. These plugins include a like button, your recent posts, and pictures of some of your fans.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Believe it or not Facebook ads can be a fairly inexpensive way to help you to increase Facebook likes. The great thing about promoting ads on Facebook is that you have the ability to target visitors by your community’s interests and by people similar to your current fans. Great thing about Facebook ads is that you don’t need a big advertising budget to reach out and touch some new visitors. Make sure that you experiment with different types of ads to see what works best for your organization, and make sure you choose the option that allows Facebook users to like your page directly from the ad.

5. Like, and interact with, other companies

Are you aware that you can interact with other company pages as your Business Page on Facebook? You should be interacting with other companies because this is a great way to build awareness among like-minded companies and their followers.

Finding companies to like and interact with is easy. You should search for other Business pages that are of interests for your company and like these pages. After you have liked a few ages, you can view your company’s Newsfeed and engage with the pages you liked. Not only is the company likely to follow you back, but their engagement with your page will help you increase Facebook likes amongst their followers as well.

6. Publish engaging content

I cannot stress the importance of publishing engaging, entertaining and interesting posts on a regular basis. If you publish something of interest your followers will likely want to share your posts with their friends.  This helps you to increase your Facebook Likes. Images are among the best types of post for driving engagement so make sure you publish images your followers can relate to and will like. You may also want to include calls to action in some of your posts, asking followers to like, comment or share your content, or ask your community a question.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the posts that get the most engagement because you may want to create another similar effective post.

  1. Be Active

There is really no magic number on how many posts you should be posting; at minimum you should post at least one status update per day, and experiment with the timing of your posts to see when the majority of your followers are active. People are unlikely to like your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly – and they certainly won’t engage with your content (or help you get more likes) if they don’t see your posts.

Which of these steps have you implemented to help you get LIKEABLE?  Which ones have worked and which ones have not worked.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at


2 thoughts on “Are You Even LIKEABLE on FACEBOOK (7 ways to get LIKEABLE)

  1. Kevin Phillips says:

    Loving this post & your list is very useful. Two of them I will check out immediately are Evernote & Launchy. I’ve never heard of either but with all the new activity entering my life, they seem very useful. Thanks for sharing this, my NETS will finally get some treatment. Now, if only I can find something for the NESS (Not Enough Sleep Syndrome)!

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