mobileI’m sure you’ve heard by now that having a mobile-friendly website is important. But what exactly does that mean and why is it so crucial for online business success?

What does it mean to be mobile-friendly?

 Mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive refers to your website’s ability to change formats based on the device that the website detects is coming to the site.

For example, if you were to go to’s website on a computer, it will look different if you’ve only gone to that website on a tablet or mobile device. And vice versa.

The reasoning is because many people do not like having to pinch to zoom in and out with the worry of pushing the wrong button and using up data that wasn’t needed to load the wrong page… Not to mention the frustration.

Instead, mobile-friendly websites put the menu front and center without any need to zoom.

Unfortunately, for many who have had their website for a while, this doesn’t happen automatically. Instead, when a mobile device user goes to their website, the font is too small and the links so close together that it becomes difficult to navigate.

But not just that. There are numerous issues with websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Here are five reasons why you should be converting your website to mobile-friendly now.

  • If you’re not mobile-friendly, you’re not SEO compliant.

First and foremost, for those websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, they’re getting hurt by Google’s search ranking algorithm.

What does this mean? It means that Google will rank your website lower than other websites of similar industries or niches because you’re not mobile-friendly.

  • If you’re not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on leads.

If you’re ranking lower on Google, you’re probably missing out on a lot of leads that would have otherwise come to your website and done business with you. However, moving to mobile-friendly could move you back up the list, giving you more leads and ultimately more sales.

  • If you’re not mobile-friendly, you’re exiling an entire marketable audience.

There are so many marketable people who use their cellphones as their prime method of surfing the internet. However, if a website is not optimized for mobile devices, they’re going to immediately hit the back button once they come to your website.

By making the site mobile-friendly, they’re more likely to stay and look around at your website and get to know your business.

  • If you’re not mobile-friendly, your internet presence may always be lacking.

It is predicted that mobile-friendly as an SEO factor will only increase in value meaning that if you skip out on being mobile-friendly today, next year it will become even more costly to your business.

At that point, there may be other factors that will need to be addressed as well that could have been avoided earlier. And with a dated website, visitors will be less inclined to take your business seriously.

  • If you’re not mobile-friendly, your competition has a greater advantage.

Many businesses are aware of the importance of mobile-responsive web design and have made the switch. However, those who haven’t yet due to lack of time or worry about branding consistency are allowing their competition to receive their leads and their business.

It doesn’t have to do with just SEO or those who are coming to your site through a cellphone or tablet, but also to do with the fresh look of a website that is mobile-responsive. That fresh look could set you apart from many of your competition (rather than the other way around).

So before you sign up for your next big website design, be sure that it’s fresh, clean, and mobile-responsive.

What do you think about mobile-responsive websites? Do you believe that they are important as Google and others believe them to be?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!



Being Busy

Being Busy v Being Productive

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

This is blog part 2 of the roundtable discussion at the Forsyth Technical Community College Small Business Center on Being Busy v. Being Productive.

Some Rules for Yourself

Just like in this world we have rules to follow in order to keep things in an orderly fashion we should set rules for ourselves to keep our life in an orderly fashion. We all know what happens in life when you break the rules there could be dire consequences. The same could hold true to your business productivity and your success. So keep yourself in check, set some rules for yourself.

Focus on Your Core Business

You heard the saying “jack of all trades master of none”. If you are busy trying to do everything under the sun, how productive can you really be? You are in fact spreading yourself to thin. You may be busy but certainly not productive. Focus on one or two areas that you are great at. Master those areas and you will find that you will in turn garner more productivity from those efforts then from the efforts of trying to focus on too much.

Set Reminders to Keep You on Track

Write down things you want to accomplish. Put them on a calendar, use an app, plaster them on a billboard (you get the point), do whatever you think you need to do to accomplish your goals/tasks.   This will not only help you stay on track but assist you in meeting your goals.

Watch Your Commitments

It’s okay to commit to this cause, or that organization or that board but just don’t spread yourself to thin that you don’t actually get any work done.   Decide which one or two, maybe three organizations, board or committees align with your business and your values and focus on them.   Trying to be everywhere and everything to everybody is only going to keep you busy and not productive. Productivity is what really increases your bottom line not busyness.

Know When Your are Most Productive

Some us are morning people and some us are not. Some people function better in the afternoon or late evening. Find our when you are most productive and go all in during that time.   Only you know you better that yourself so if giving it all you got during some times of the day will help you to be more productive, then go for it.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Who remembers when they were younger and they passed their spelling test and couldn’t wait to get that great big star put on their paper. That was an accomplishment that so many of worked toward. Well why not celebrate your accomplishments now and today. Perhaps you met a deadline or you reached a goal that you set for yourself whatever the case, if you reach your goal celebrate, celebrate and give yourself a star.

Be Consistent

Habits are formed primarily by being consistent. If set up a schedule or routine to reach your goals and you work at it every day it will start to become a habit because of your consistency.   Be consistent and watch your productivity rise to new heights.

Be True to Your Passion

If you like baking cakes more than baking pies then bake more cakes. If you are truly passionate about your goals or dreams you will work hard at trying to achieve them. If you are just going through the motions because you really don’t feel passionate about something you will find more time to be busy and less time to be productive. Let your passion drive you to reaching your goals and dreams.

Take a Mental Health Day

Sometimes we all get a little overwhelmed with trying to be everything to everybody including ourselves. This could cause your productivity level to diminish. Just like a car can’t go anywhere if it doesn’t have any gas, you can’t go anywhere is your drive has been diminished. Take a mental health day to refuel yourself, refresh your mind and most of all to enjoy yourself. You worked for it so why not enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

So which of these points do you use or could use be more productive rather than busy?  Do share.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at

Being Busy vs. Being Productive

Being Busy Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in various seminars and discussions in support of National Small Business Week that was sponsored our local Small Business Center here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The array of offerings were outstanding and provided lots of takeaways to help any small business to grow and thrive.

One roundtable discussion in particular that I took part in was a discussion about Being Busy vs. Being Productive. Now we all fall into either one of these two scenarios at some point doing our day. As a group we brainstormed and discussed some of the things that we do or could do help us to be a little more productive and a little less busy.

We as a group came up with over 25 points to help with being more productive rather than just being busy.   I will share those points over the course of a 3-part blog.


Some of us find it hard to say no. Learn to say NO if at the time you are being productive it is not helping you to add to your bottom line. If you don’t learn to say NO sometimes then your bottom line will definitely suffer. Not saying no could definitely cause you not to be productive but instead be busy.


Santa makes a list and checks it twice, so why not do the same. Create a list of tasks/goals that you want to accomplish for that particular day or week. Check off the tasks as you are going along. Make sure that you are checking your list often to make sure you are on task. Having your tasks/goals written down, now causes you to more accountable to those tasks/goals. And accountability can equal to more productivity.


If you suffer the Forgetful-itis, Lack of Focus-itis, or any other “itis”, you need to find something that will help you stay focused. There are apps, books and programs that can help you focus on being more productive. For me I have an app and I have a timer that I use. I work in 1-hour segments and then I stop for 15 minutes to take a break. Make sure you walk away from what you doing so, that they you can feel a sense of disconnecting and then reconnecting.

Soft music can help you stay focused, working in a quiet spot and there are many others. You have to find whatever it will take to make you stay focus on the tasks/goals you want to accomplish. Because a more focused mind can definitely cause more productivity.


Having a dedicated workspace can help work wonders on being productive. If you are sitting on the couch in front of the TV how productive can you really be. If you are not fortunate to have an office or a desk, then use the kitchen table, or some other make shift area that you can set up like your temporary office. Make sure this spot is free from distractions. This dedicated workspace can give you a sense of structure which could definitely her increase your productivity.


I cannot stress how taking a mental break or breaks can help to renew your mind.   You find this true especially if you have put in many hours working on the same thing. After a while your mind tunes out and begins to wonder. You begin to suffer from Adult ADHD so to speak.   It vital that you take breaks and walk away from what you are doing.   This allows your mind to rest, digest the information and regroup itself. You might find that your break might just refresh you enough to figure out a problem you might have run into or even help you to complete the task more efficiently now that you have a second boost of energy.


Write down your short-term goals or even your long-term goals.   Put them in a place that is visible to you on a daily basis.   The more you look at your goals the more you will work on trying to accomplish them because you are faced with a daily reminder of them.


The saying goes when you fail to plan you plan to fail. If you don’t put a deadline on your goals/task then how can you really be working toward them?   If you set a goal to get 5 new customers and you don’t set a deadline to meet those goals how will you hold yourself accountable for meeting that goal?   Having a clear deadline to meet your goals could help you to significantly meet and achieve them.


Whatever it is that is distracting you from being productive you need to try to eliminate the distractions.   If decide you are going to be productive for an hour then you need to make sure that you remove anything that will prohibit you from working distraction free for that hour. Whether is be answering the phone, answering emails or whatever the case, you need to figure out what things are causing you not to be productive.


Stop putting things off. Stop letting things get in the way. Just stop doing what wasn’t working and start doing what is working. Just do what you need to do be productive, plain and simple.

So which of these points do you use or could use be more productive.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.10.04 PM We live in a land of opportunity. If you want, and work for it, your can have it, success that is. Simple as this may sound many people do things that end up putting a brick wall right in the path of their road to success. I will share with you some of those things that could possibly end up blocking your road to success.


Tomorrow you will do what you need to be successful. But that tomorrow turns to into a week, a month, years… you get the picture.   Successful make a plan, a checklist or whatever it takes to do what needs to be done.   Successful people simply do the things that the unsuccessful won’t do. So get off your butt and do what you have to do to gain success today —– not someday.


Are you considered to be a what they call a “Debbie Downer” You what a Debbie Downer is someone who frequently adds bad news and negative feelings, thus bringing down the mood of everyone around them. If you constantly tell yourself you won’t be successful, then 9 times out of 10 you won’t be.   If you aren’t excited and motivated enough to go after your goals so that you can have success.   Then those negative thoughts will continue to fester in your mind like a sore and keep you constantly feeling like a “Debbie Downer”. Every time you find yourself acting like a “Debbie Downer” think about positive thoughts. Sooner or later your mind when be more conditioned to remove the negativity and get you positively back on the road to attacking and achieving your goals.


First and foremost, can’t should not even be apart of your vocabulary if you want success.   Do you realize the most successful people in the world have failed more times than they want to really admit. Look at Colonel Saunders he was over 80 when he found success with Kentucky Fried Chicken and only after he was turned down a million times (that’s what it probably seemed like to him).   After failing and failing again you have to learn how to pick yourself up and get back on that road and get on moving if you want your chance to be successful.


You are the only one of the planet that goes through trials and tribulations. Anything that can happen always happens to you. Even though you feel this way, you are absolutely wrong.   No one has a perfect life without trials and tribulations.   What you are doing is living a defeated life.   I am sure you have some happiness in your life. You have to go through a big rainstorm to see a rainbow.   Well this is how success is you have to take your bumps and bruises so that in the even you can weather the storm and get the success you work on so long and hard to get.


Your best friend has success. Everyone around you has success but you. Stop thinking that you can’t be just or even more successful than the next person. When you think this way you limit your possibility of success.   Concentrate of celebrating their success and then learning from it. Once you are put back on the right path to believing you too can be successful you will start to feel it and make it more a possibility of becoming true.

You need to look at yourself and ask yourself the question, “do I really want to be successful”. If the answer to that question is yes, then you need to make sure you are not doing things that have put a brick wall in your path.   Are you the one holding yourself back from success?   You alone hold the key to your happiness and success. You alone have the power to change things.   Stop creating brick walls and create bulldozers instead and you must just see how successful you really can be. Good luck.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at



What’s the BUZZ in Marketing

bees A buzzword is defined as a word or phrase, often an item of jargon that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context. What is really funny to me that buzzword is related to marketing. But isn’t marketing all about buzz? Check out this list of some of the top internet marketing buzzwords.

Social learning is when an individual learns a skill through observation, without them necessarily changing their behavior. Social learning often facilitates change in the individuals involved.

Insights are intense observations about consumer behavior that can be applied to unlock growth. Insights is Facebook’s statistic measurement tool that help to generate useful information that can help to track and analyze the success of your marketing strategy.

Advertainment is entertainment content that promotes products, services, or a brand image. Advertising is no longer about interrupting what people are interested in; it’s about being what people are interested in. The great thing about advertainment is that users may engage with it without being consciously aware that it is advertising material,

Phablets are essentially smartphone-tablet hybrids. They feature-rich devices come with screen sizes between 5 and 6 inches that offer the portability and functionality of a smartphone crossed with the dynamic, big-screen experience of a tablet. Best thing about the Phablet is allows you to take multitasking to a whole new level.

Call to Action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as registering to a service, clicking on a link, following your profile, purchasing a product, etc. The smarter your CTA is, the higher the chances are for users to comply.

Newsjacking is the art or science of injecting your brands ideas into a breaking news story and generating media coverage and social media engagement as a result. If something in the news affects your audience, you should be writing about it and getting in on the action!

Target Market is a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts. Your entire social marketing strategy should be based on your profile of this group.  A well-defined target market is the first element in any marketing strategy.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Customer Relationship Management is a significant part of any social media because it makes it easier to follow-up on engagement, build conversations with potential followers, analyze audience sentiments and other important steps in establishing positive relationships with customers.

Shareability is a ranking of your content’s potential to be shared on social media. The goal is to aspire for high shareability rates for all of your posts, but you’ll possibly find that you get more valuable results through less shareable yet more targeted social content.

Social Customer Retention is the art of making your clients and followers feel loved and appreciated even after they completed a purchase. The goal is to generate repeat sales, encourage word-of-mouth promotion and gather customer information.

Cross-Channel: When you’re using more than one social or marketing platform, to support or promote another channel. With cross-channel marketing your campaign can be integrated across the multiple channels versus thereby saving you time and increasing your reach.

Automation the ability to schedule your social actions so that it can help you save plenty of time and keep your workflow running smoothly. Not everything can be automated, though, but for those social actions that can it is well worth the time and effort to automate such tasks.

Outsourcing is widely use when professionals are not turning down new clients or limiting their professional activities, but instead they outsource certain aspects of their work to third-party service providers. Outsourcing helps you save face with the client, because if you are not available you are still making sure the client is being taken care of.

Demographics is defined as people who choose a specific network. That network is then referred to as demographics. It is almost like a network is a nation and we’re looking into its population stats.

Peer-to-Peer are reviews and recommendations made by real people who are potentially far more effective and productive than sponsored campaigns. Fostering this communication on social channels should be a priority for any serious marketer.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at


sabotageSocial media may be the only form of free advertisement to ever exist. It’s an excellent platform for business owners to advertise freely. But sometimes, despite every good intention we make missteps that end up sabotaging our social media presence. Here are some pitfalls to avoid that could sabotage your social media presence.


You Are Flying By The Seat of Your Pants

Since everyone is jumping on the social media bandwagon you decided to jump in headfirst and jump on the bandwagon. If you are really lucky you might have some success.   Success does not happen overnight, so if you want much greater odds take time in the beginning to plot a course for your social media efforts.

You Don’t Know Who Your Market Is 

Big marketing fact: a 25 year old and 40 year old will have vastly different interests and needs.   You have to decide which one you want to target. You can target one over the other or you can target both, but beware aware that your marketing efforts will be different for both. If you don’t already have a handle on your target customer then you need do some homework. There are tools out there than can help you and you need to find out what they are. Great marketing efforts take a little time.

You Are Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

With social media, this self-sabotaging habit usually translates to registering a large number of social network profiles, posting to them for a while, getting overwhelmed and then abandoning most – if not all – of them within a short while. Before throwing yourself on any and everything look at which network would help you best achieve your business goals.   If you can’t figure out why you need to to be on a particular social media network, you may not need to be there.

You Are Not Responding to Your Audience

When you create a post is the same thing as starting a conversation. If your followers reply to your post and you don’t reciprocate with a reply, you are essentially ignoring them. Even though you might think, the goal is to post as much and as often as you can— if you’re not listening to your followers— you’re not fostering a positive relationship and maintaining a positive web presence.

You Are Not Know on Social Media 

If you don’t publicize your social media presence then you are basically hiding it. Promote your social networking profiles by simply adding social links on your website. You can also add your social links to emails and business cards. 

You Are Posting Just to Be Posting

If you are just posting just to be posting, you are not showing your followers that you are providing them with valuable information. There is such a thing as a “slow news day,” so instead of posting something that isn’t of quality, just abstain from social media activity that day to preserve your online presence. 

You Have Too Many Wrong Connections

Having a large number of followers doe not necessarily mean that you will reach your target audience. If you’re sending out announcements and not getting responses, this proves that point. You can help ensure that your connections are solid by using Twitter directories, such as Twellow, that search for members based on their profile description so you can boost your Twitter following with targeted followers.  You can also join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and connect with other members who have similar interest.

You Are Sending The Wrong Message

If you’re linking your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile with your business or blog on a specific subject, make sure your updates stick to the topic lines of your website. People who are going from one to the other will likely be doing so to learn more about you in relation to the theme of those sites. Don’t post random updates that contain foul language or trivial things like what you ate for lunch. 

You Are Following The Wrong Rules

When it comes to social media rules, one size does not fit all. Some rules may not apply to followers in your niche or industry. The best way to determine what works is to follow those who are successful utilizing social media specializing in the same subject area as you and analyze what they do.

Your Are Creating Fake Social Media Profiles For Linking

If you’re thinking about just creating a social media profile so you can get a backlink to your site and don’t plan on doing anything with the profile, abort the mission. Don’t assume that once you have more than 100 social media accounts, they will automatically start benefiting you. You have to actually use them in order to see results.


Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at


Yokingur basic website is primarily comprised of graphics and content. All having a website that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye is a great thing, it is even more important to have a website with robust content. Like the cliché goes “Website Content is King”. Believe me it really is. Writing content can be a very difficult task because you most often are going to be writing the content yourself. Who knows your business better than you do? Here are a few insights as to why content really can make a difference.


Bottom line search engine results are totally content driven. If you have the best most amazing pictures on your website this won’t convince Google that you’re the best unless you say it with words. Search engines are content driven and when they crawl your page, they are reading your text – looking for quality, looking for links to other relevant articles. Search engines are hungry for information that is relevant. This is why keywords are extremely important. Having content, lots of it, and making sure it’s packed with relevance. Search engines look for keywords, key phrases, titles and descriptions to rankings in search results.  Content writing takes these factors into consideration. Information is key to getting you the organic rank you want and driving traffic to your website.


Write your content so that your prospects/clients/visitors will find it helpful and useful. If you are writing an “About Page” – do just that, write ABOUT your business. Tell a story about the history of how and why you got started.  Include images to break up large blocks of text.  Remember that your REAL target is a human being, not a search engine – so it you provide information that is both helpful and relevant will keep visitors from leaving your site. Be a real person, write like a real person and write for people. The worse thing you can do is saturate your site with words that no can fully understand.


Before you write one piece of content know exactly what your target audience wants. Provide enough explanation of your products and services to generate interest and compel your audience to take action. If you have a cleaning business then you should have your business hours, what areas you clean or do not clean, whether you or insured or not, what supplied are supplied – these all make sense for a cleaning business. It does not make sense to have a staff directory and bios about every employee – that would make more sense for a financial institution or school.  The point is to really consider what content is necessary. What does your audience care about? Write about those things.


Putting your word descriptions of your pictures would get rankings on the search engines, rather than the pictures themselves. Skillful content writing adds value to the visuals on your site. For example, a walk through of your factory would be more effective with captions that describe the processes being shown.


Make sure that you show your audience that your business is growing and share interesting content so you can position your business as subject matter experts who are in the know. Outdated news on the main page of your site shows that you’re not prioritizing your content.


Content does not always have to be words.   Content can also be things like a video blog which you can post on your website.   It can be a podcast that your clients, customers or clients can download. Lastly you can include a white paper for your prospects to download.  When search engines see multiple links to sources it is created more organic reach which, search engines that your content clearly has created value and it is very relevant.


Not every marketer is a good writer and not every marketing department is adequately staffed to churn out important content on a frequent basis. Writing copy that precisely conveys your message is easier when a professional writer is involved. Hire a web copywriter who understands your goals and can develop and post scads of valuable content while you spend time on other marketing pursuits.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at

How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Sounding Like You Really Are

Toot-Your-Own-Horn-300x300 (1)

You ever run into one of those people who consistently say “I am the best”, “I am the greatest”, I, I, I… get the point.  There is actually a way to show off what you have to offer without it sounding like, “Ta da! Aren’t I great?” It doesn’t have to contain even a hint of bragging. Believe it or not there are ways to let a wider audience know how good you are without ever saying so. Here are a few approaches you might try:

Create a confident, not arrogant, mindset – Arrogance is created by insecurity. Arrogant people often speak loudly about their accomplishments or possessions to get attention from other people, because they are trying to cover up feelings of being not good enough.  When you are confident, you will be secure because you know yourself and you know what you have to offer. You don’t have to feel superior to other people. You promote yourself because you know that what you have to offer can truly benefit other people. Confident people know that although not everyone will like them, they should still pursue what matters to them without being fazed by unwarranted criticism.

Speak purposefully about yourself.  Who doesn’t love to tell people about what they done, what the experience and what they have achieved in life.  If people believe they have learned something from you rather than thinking you’re merely bragging about yourself, then you will be viewed as leader.  Focus your conversation on pointing out your achievements with a sense of purpose. Convey ideas and guidance for others who want to do something similar. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to brag a little while teaching others the principles behind your successful approaches.

Admit your insecurities.  Who doesn’t have insecurities?  Bragging is a direct correlation between feelings of inadequacy. Even the most confident people in the world sometimes wonder if they’re going to be able to do what they need to do.  Believe it or not showing a little vulnerability in public is actually a sign of strength.  By you sharing your feelings, you can help others who are feeling the same doubts that you’ve felt.  Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake. Don’t cover up for mistakes by making excuses. People will appreciate your ability to assess yourself honestly and with good humor

Keep the “I” Out the Conversation. During a conversation, don’t use the word “I” in every sentence.  This will make you come across as arrogant, self-centered and self-absorbed. You can’t accomplish everything on your own, and you shouldn’t take full credit for every good thing that’s happened to you. A person who can unite other people together behind a cause and acknowledge their work is much more valuable than someone who takes all of the credit for everything. Give other people kudos. Whatever you’ve done, you’ve done thanks to the help and support of others.

Avoid the sound of your own voice. Arrogant, self-centered people tend to go on and on about themselves and their exploits while their listeners are looking for an escape route.  When talking focus on body language cues like glazed eyes, glancing at the watch or picking at fluff on clothing. These cues can show you that you’re getting tiresome and you need to stop bragging. Stop talking about yourself and ask the other person about himself or herself.  Listen and give feedback that reveals that you understand what the listener has said. If you ramble on about yourself, then people are going to run away from you the next time they see you coming down the hall because they’ll think you’re arrogant and annoying

Don’t criticize other people to feel good about yourself. Arrogant people try to bring everyone else down, but generous people build people up. Don’t criticize others in the same breath you are flaunting your achievements. Do compliment them on anything you actually like or appreciate about them. Frame your opinions of others in a positive way when you talk about them. If you can’t say something genuinely positive, just be neutral.

Give sincere compliments to others. Compliment people often for the things you genuinely admire about them. Never give a compliment that is phony. When a person compliments you, don’t launch into a discussion of how great you are. Be humble, accept the compliment.  You don’t always have to return a compliment if you don’t have anything sincere to say.

Let your actions do the talking. The way that you conduct yourself, if you’re honorable, will win you the respect of many people. You won’t have to brag at all because people will admire you just for how you live your life. If you want to fill a room with awe when you walk in, you’ll need to do something to deserve it.

Pick just one or several of these approaches to pursue and make a plan to showcase how good you really are without having to sound so arrogant.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at

Do As The Successful Do. – 10 Habits of Successful People


I can’t tell you how many books that I have read written by people who have achieved success, the success that I look to achieve both in life and with regard to my business.  I live my life by this golden rule “Do as the Successful”. I have connected with countless mentors and partners who have achieved some of the success I long for.   Having a good pool of successful people in your immediate circle can do marvels in so many unimaginable ways.

Regardless of your definition of success, there are, oddly enough, a great number of characteristics that successful people share. Most of these characteristics can be learned and practiced and developed into a winning attitude. So if you want to achieve the success you long for then take a look at these 10 characteristic that you should develop in order to join the ranks of the successful.

  1. The successful take what they do seriously

How can you expect to be successful in life and in business if you don’t first believe in yourself or your business?   Far too many people fail to take their own businesses seriously enough, getting easily sidetracked and not staying motivated. They fall prey to naysayers and let their thoughts and comments overtake them. If you believe in yourself you have begun to win half the battle.

  1. The successful plan everything

As the saying goes “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Planning every aspect of your life of business is a must.  The act of planning is so important because it requires you to analyze the situation, research and make tangible conclusions. Your plan should take you from point A to Z or be like a yardstick that measures your success.

  1. The successful manage money wisely.

Many successful develop great money habits like setting budgets and tracing their spending.  How can you know if your finances are in order if you have no way of measuring or tracking the money spend or receive.  In order to be successful you have to become a wise money manager.

  1. The successful become a shameless self-promoter (without becoming obnoxious).

One of the greatest myths about personal or business success is that eventually your business, personal abilities, products or services will get discovered and be embraced by the masses who will beat a path to your door. But how can this happen if no one knows who you are, what you sell and why they should be buying?

Self-promotion is one of the most beneficial, yet most underutilized, marketing tools that the majority of people have at their immediate disposal.

  1. The successful project a positive image

You have but a passing moment to make a positive and memorable impression on people with whom you intend to do business with. People should go out of their way and to make a conscious effort to always project the most professional image possible.  A positive image can help to establish you as a leader in your own regard.

  1. The successful try to become known as an expert

When you have a problem that needs to be solved, do you seek just anyone’s advice or do you seek an expert in the field to help solve your particular problem?  You want the most accurate information and assistance that you can get. You seek an expert to help solve your problem. You call a plumber when the hot water tank leaks, a real estate agent when it’s time to sell your home or a dentist when you have a toothache. Therefore, the more you become known for your expertise, the more people will seek you out to tap into your expertise, creating more opportunities.

  1. The successful Invest in themselves.

Most successful people buy and read business and marketing books, magazines, reports, journals, newsletters, websites and industry publications, knowing that these resources will improve their understanding and skills. They join business associations and clubs, and they network with other skilled business people to learn their secrets of success and help define their own goals and objectives. Successful people attend business and marketing seminars, workshops and training courses, even if they have already mastered the subject matter of the event. They do this because they know that education is an ongoing process. There are usually ways to do things better, in less time, with less effort. In short, they never stop investing in the most powerful, tool at their immediate disposal–themselves.

  1. Successful People Build a rock-solid reputation.

A good reputation is unquestionably one of the most tangible and marketable assets. You can’t simply buy a good reputation; it’s something that you earn by honoring your promises. If you promise to have the merchandise in the customer’s hands by Wednesday, you have no excuse not to have it there. If you offer to repair something, you need to make good on your offer. Consistency in what you offer is the other key factor. If you cannot come through with the same level of service on a regular basis, people have no reason to trust you . . . and without trust, you won’t have a good reputation.

  1. Successful Get involved.

Always go out of your way to get involved in the community that supports you and your business. You can do this in many ways, such as pitching in to help local charities or the food bank, becoming involved in organizing community events, and getting involved in local politics. You can join associations and clubs that concentrate on programs and policies designed to improve the local community. It’s a fact that people like to do business with people they know, like and respect, and with people who do things to help them as members of the community.

  1. Successful people Follow-up constantly.

Constant contact, follow-up, and follow-through with customers, prospects, and business alliances should be the mantra of every home business owner, new or established. Constant and consistent follow-up enables you to turn prospects into customers, increase the value of each sale and buying frequency from existing customers, and build stronger business relationships with suppliers and your core business team. Follow-up is especially important with your existing customer base, as the real work begins after the sale. It’s easy to sell one product or service, but it takes work to retain customers and keep them coming back.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at

Are You Even LIKEABLE on FACEBOOK (7 ways to get LIKEABLE)



So many people set up a Facebook Business page and think that just because they have this page it is going to help them grow their business.  In order for your Facebook Page to be LIKEABLE you have to put in work, you have to nurture it.  There is plenty to do in order to be really LIKEABLE.

The first thing you need to know about becoming LIKEABLE is that it’s not just about the quantity of Facebook likes that you collect, it’s also about the quality; attracting Facebook likes from a group targeted to suit your business goals whose comments (and endorsement!) can increase your shares on Facebook.

Below are seven quick and easy tips to drive targeted Facebook likes to your business page.

1.  Completely set up your Facebook Business Page Profile

I have visited countless Facebook Business Pages Page that are half completed or doesn’t give me enough information about the business to give me a level of comfort in doing businesses with that company.  Since your Facebook Page is something that may be seen by the masses it would befit you to make sure that you give them something to see, feel and experience. Give visitors a reason to even like you! Create a catchy description and make sure you categorize your page correctly.  Make sure that your page has your address (if applicable), phone number, contact information and hours of operation.   This will help visitors to know about your business and it will also tell Facebook what kind of organization you are you so they know to show your page when users are searching for companies like yours – which can help to increase your Facebook likes.

  1. Ask Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Business Page

Most of your friends, if asked would support your Facebook Page.  When you first create your page you are asked to build your page by inviting your Facebook friends.  Send them out the request to like your page.   You have nothing to lose either they will like it or not.  These initial likes will give you a higher social media credibility and visibility. Use this credibility and visibly to let your customers and prospects.  Share your page on other social communities. If people don’t know your Facebook page exists, they can’t like it.

3.  Utilize Social Plugins on Your Website

You want visitors to be able to find your Facebook page readily and easily and plugins can help to drive them to your page. One such plug in that is a great tool is Facebook’s Social Plugins, for example the Like box plugin.  You can use this plugins to help you more Facebook likes. These plugins include a like button, your recent posts, and pictures of some of your fans.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Believe it or not Facebook ads can be a fairly inexpensive way to help you to increase Facebook likes. The great thing about promoting ads on Facebook is that you have the ability to target visitors by your community’s interests and by people similar to your current fans. Great thing about Facebook ads is that you don’t need a big advertising budget to reach out and touch some new visitors. Make sure that you experiment with different types of ads to see what works best for your organization, and make sure you choose the option that allows Facebook users to like your page directly from the ad.

5. Like, and interact with, other companies

Are you aware that you can interact with other company pages as your Business Page on Facebook? You should be interacting with other companies because this is a great way to build awareness among like-minded companies and their followers.

Finding companies to like and interact with is easy. You should search for other Business pages that are of interests for your company and like these pages. After you have liked a few ages, you can view your company’s Newsfeed and engage with the pages you liked. Not only is the company likely to follow you back, but their engagement with your page will help you increase Facebook likes amongst their followers as well.

6. Publish engaging content

I cannot stress the importance of publishing engaging, entertaining and interesting posts on a regular basis. If you publish something of interest your followers will likely want to share your posts with their friends.  This helps you to increase your Facebook Likes. Images are among the best types of post for driving engagement so make sure you publish images your followers can relate to and will like. You may also want to include calls to action in some of your posts, asking followers to like, comment or share your content, or ask your community a question.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the posts that get the most engagement because you may want to create another similar effective post.

  1. Be Active

There is really no magic number on how many posts you should be posting; at minimum you should post at least one status update per day, and experiment with the timing of your posts to see when the majority of your followers are active. People are unlikely to like your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly – and they certainly won’t engage with your content (or help you get more likes) if they don’t see your posts.

Which of these steps have you implemented to help you get LIKEABLE?  Which ones have worked and which ones have not worked.

Jacqueline Morgan is an advocate for business success. As a business leader I strongly believe in tapping into the power of your potential. As President of J Morgan Designs and Consulting, she can help your business to strive in both the real world and online. Find out more about her at